• Toppings & Sundries

Toppings & Sundries

Cup Cone

Qty 225

Single Wafer Cone

Qty 360

Twin Wafer Cone

Qty 180

Medium Waffle Cone Sugar Strand

2-3 Scoop Medium Waffle cone decorated with assorted sugar strands Qty.72 (Code:-W0)

Dipped Waffle Basket

Waffle Basket Dipped In Milk Chocolate Qty. 62

Tall Plain Waffle cone

1-2 Scoop / Qty.196 (Code:-W1

Tall Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone

1-2 Scoop / Qty.196 (Code:-W2)

Medium Plain Waffle cone

2-3 Scoop / Qty.144 (Code:-W3)

Medium Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone

2-3 Scoop / Qty.120 (Code:-W4)

Large Plain Waffle cone

3-4 Scoop / Qty.228 (Code:-W5)

Large Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone

3-4 Scoop / Qty.165 (Code:-W6)

Waffle Wafer

Plain waffle Wafer Qty. 10x24

Oyster Delight

Qty. 36

Nougat wafer

Qty. 48

Florentine Fan Wafers

1 Tin / Qty. 130

Desert Sugar Curls

1 Tin / Qty. 280

Cadbury’s 99 flake

Cadbury’s 99 Flake Qty. 144


1 Pack / Qty. 100

Nibbed Nuts

1 Pack / 2.25kg

Chocolate Vermicelli

1 Pack / 1kg

Assorted sugar Strands

1 Pack / 1kg


1 Pack / 5kg
Available in the following flavours:
Lemon, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Lime & Orange

Premium Belgium chocolate

Available in two types of pour on non-freezing chocolate:-

Belgium Milk Chocolate - 5kg

White Milk Chocolate - 5kg

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Available in a 5kg Bucket

Large Topping Sauce

(6Kg) Available in the following flavours:
Strawberry, raspberry, Lime, Bubblegum, chocolate & Toffee

Ball Gums

1 Pack / 2.6kg

Plastic spoons

1 Pack / 1kg

Wafer papers

1 pack

Milkshake Cups & Lids

Milkshake / Smoothie cups including lids available in the following sizes:-

12oz -  Qty=1000

16oz -  Qty=1000

Ice Cream Tubs

Available in Packs of 50 and in the following Sizes:
Small (100ml)
Medium (160ml)
Large (280ml)

Domed Lids

Domed Lids For Ice Cream tubs. In Packs of 50 and available in the following Sizes:
Small, Medium, Large

Screwball Tub


Elegant Sundae Boat

1 Pack / Qty.50

Zerrol Aluminium Scoops

The ultimate in engineering- polished Aluminium scoop with defrosting fluid sealed in the handle. Releases the ice cream instantly (Responds to the warmth of your hand).
Available in Size 20.