• Gelato Giovanni


Gelato Giovanni Ice Cream

Authentic Italian Gelato gives you a lot more than just delicious taste. It is a combination of authentic Italian ingredients mixed in a way to give ice cream lovers, both a rich taste and a healthier option. 

Gelato is another amazing creation of the Italian culinary art, captivating the imagination of ice cream lovers throughout Europe. Tubzee, having experimented with a variety of flavours, is now proud to present its own range of Italian Gelato Giovanni.

Panna Fragola

Fresh British strawberries handpicked and combined in this luxurious strawberry Gelato. To give you that summer feeling all year around

Brownies Al Cioccolato

Rich chocolate gelato, filled with chunks of brownies and generously rippled throughout with a Belgian chocolate sauce.

Coconut swiss Chocolate

Swiss chocolate perfectly complements the light flavour of our coconut gelato with fresh coconut pieces throughout.


light chocolate hazelnut gelato infused with a mix of roasted hazelnuts and chocolate nuggets. 

Apple Pie

Apple pie gelato mixed with real apple pie filling


Delicious and crumbly pieces of biscotti cookies blended within a rich, nutty milk chocolate sauce complimented perfectly with our biscuit base gelato.


Our stracciatella gelato folds rich chocolate shavings into smooth, sweet cream gelato. 

Cheesecake Alla Fragola

Strawberry Gelato, combined with crunchy pieces of biscuit to give you a true cheesecake taste.

Midnight Mint

A fresh and intense white mint gelato mixed with crunchy pieces of dark chocolate all the way through.

Double Chocolate

Milk chocolate gelato, swirled with rich Belgian chocolate throughout, its chocolate combined with chocolate.

Panna Cotta

Rich Italian Pannacotta gelato laced with our special raspberry compote.


Luxury vanilla gelato, with a fresh raspberry sauce and amaretti biscuit swirled with milk chocolate.

Cookie De La Creme

Creamy vanilla gelato packed with a combination of cookies

Salted Milk Caramel

Intense caramel gelato perfectly balanced with a hint of sea salt.

Gelato with Raffaello

The famous Raffaello in a luxurious gelato.


An explosive bubblegum gelato, swirled with juicy bubblegum sauce

Amarena Yoghurt

Traditional Greek-style yogurt Gelato, infused with our fresh Amarena cherry sauce.

Strawberry Yoghurt

Traditional Greek-style yogurt Gelato, infused with our fresh strawberry sauce. 

Sicilian Pistachio

A soft green pistachio gelato combined with Sicilian pistachio nuts, creating the perfect combination for any nut lover.

Toffee Caramel Fudge

This Gelato has a caramel ripple throughout, with a nice fudgy texture, with toffee added for that exquisite taste.

Hazelnut Creme

A soft, rich Hazelnut & chocolate gelato, laced with a luxurious hazelnut cream sauce.


Creamy vanilla gelato packed with millions and a duo of raspberry and bubblegum sauce laced throughout. A truly one in a million gelato.


This sophisticated blend of mango gelato is laced with fresh mango sauce. A truly indulgent experience.


The finest Vanilla is used to ensure a rich and smooth vanilla taste, one of the best vanilla you will ever taste

White Chocolate Bianca

Luxury white chocolate gelato, generously swirled with premium white chocolate throughout to create an irresistible combination.

White Chocolate Stracciatella

White chocolate stracciatella folds rich milk chocolate shavings into a smooth Belgian chocolate gelato. 

Fruit Cocktail

Our smooth fruity gelato, packed with a selection of your 5 a day. So you can spoil yourself with guiltless indulgence.

Dolce De Leche

A delicious combination of caramel and sweet cream gelato, swirled with ribbons of golden caramel.

Custard & Chocolate Cake

Rich creamy frozen custard with luxurious chocolate cake combined with chocolate ripples throughout.

New Exclusive Flavours Out Now!
Jaffa Cakes Vanilla gelato with a rich citrus orange swirl, topped with Jaffa Cake biscuits
Pronto Chocolate Rich Belgian chocolate, made with the finest natural blend of high quality cocoa packed with Belgian chocolate chips
Lemon Tangy lemon gelato twisted with a ribbon of zesty lemon.
Strawberry Sorbet A intense strawberry sorbet with a fresh strawberry ripple.
Lemon Sorbet A tangy lemon sorbet made with fresh lemon with a lemon juice ripple.
Raspberry Sorbet A fresh raspberry sorbet filled with a juicy raspberry sauce
Mango Sorbet An exotic, crisp and delicate sorbet made from the pulp of Alfonso mango.
Pineapple Sorbet A refreshing sorbet with that exotic pineapple twist.
Raspberry Ripple A Rich vanilla gelato rippled throughout with a rich and fruity raspberry ripple. One of the best all time Classics you will ever try.
Turkish Delight Exotic Turkish delight Gelato filled with Belgian choc pieces.
Honeycomb Honeycomb gelato contains scrumptious chunks of chocolate coated honeycomb pieces and swirled with a delicious toffee sauce.
Mochachino Luxury mocha coffee gelato mixed with delicious chocolate coffee beans & a chocolate sauce.....the ultimate pick me up!
Curly Mania A delicate and smooth toffee gelato, showered with chewy chocolate coated fudge balls swirled with a thick toffee sauce.
Banana Swirl Sweet blend of creamy banana gelato, swirled with a rich banana sauce.
Malt Madness Creamy Vanilla gelato swirled with a Belgian chocolate sauce and packed with chocolate dipped malt balls.
Rum & Raisin A rich creamy gelato with Marsala rum flavouring and juicy raisins (NO ALCOHOL).