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Luxury Scoop Dairy Ice Cream

From traditional vanilla and truly British Strawberries & Cream to the ever popular authentic Kulfi Ice cream, we are sure that there is an Ice Cream flavour for you. Our vast choice of products makes us the largest purveyor of ice creams in the UK.

Our Easy to Scoop ice cream with an ever growing product range of scrumptious flavours is supplied in 5 Litre containers.

We're always working hard on new flavour ideas. Here is our current range of delicious luxury ice cream. All of the flavours below are available

made the Italian way

Heavenly Vanilla

A delicate natural vanilla, speckled with vanilla pod seeds that leaves a fresh, unique and pure taste.

Toffee Fudge

Delicious toffee ice cream with a generous helping of creamy fudge pieces & a thick toffee ripple all the way through. A traditional English indulgence.

Strawberries & Cream

Strawberry fruit pieces, combined with rich creamy strawberry ice cream for a real taste of the Summer all year round to satisfy all strawberry lovers !

Strawberry Cheesecake

A traditional creamy cheesecake ice cream swirled with a fruity strawberry sauce and blended with biscuit chunks.

Cookies & Cream

On top of the world favourite ice cream list, this luxury vanilla ice cream is packed with a combination of cookies to give you that ultimate cookie experience.

Triple Choc

Triple Chocolate. A combination for the chocolate lovers, a chocolate ice cream, packed with chocolate chunks and infused with a thick chocolate sauce...Dare to Indulge!


Expolsive bubblegum ice cream swirled with a juicy bubblegum sauce. brings out the kid in you!


Old school favourite millions dumped in a rich creamy ice cream pumped with thick double ripple

Malt Madness

This luxury ice cream is strewn with chocolate coated malt balls and chocolate ripples, you won't mind being teased by this...

Orange Tiger

A rich, creamy vanilla ice cream with a hint of orange and rippled with a tangy orange sauce, packed with chocolate chunks...

Raspberry Ripple

A vanilla ice cream rippled throughout with rich and fruity raspberry ripple. One of the best all time classic's you will ever try.

Rainbow Dazzler

A truly delightful ice-cream with chocolate rainbow drops & a lime ripple to bring all those childhood experiences back to life !!!

Luxury vanilla

Vanilla is the essence of elegance and sophistication. Sweet and creamy vanilla creates a sweet scent of luxury with a distinctive taste that lingers on you tongue.

Mint Choc Chip

A sea of refreshing green peppermint ice cream, mixed with luxury dark chocolate chips.

Jammie Dodgers

A delightful vanilla ice cream with a distinctive raspberry sauce crammed with shortbread biscuit chunks.

Mango Senstaion

This sophisticated blend of Mango ice cream is laced with luxury mango sauce. A truly indulgent experience.

Curly Mania

A delicate and smooth toffee ice cream, showered with chewy chocolate coated fudge balls swirled with a thick toffee sauce

Choc & Nut

A distinctive vanilla ice cream packed with roasted nuts and luscious chocolate sauce through out

Banana Swirl

Sweet blend of creamy banana ice cream, swirled with a rich banana sauce


This best selling honeycomb ice cream contains scrumptious chunks of chocolate coated honeycomb pieces that swirled with delicious toffee sauce

Pistachio Nut

A soft green pistachio ice cream is mixed with real pistachio nuts, making the perfect combination for any nut lover.

Banoffee Fudge

The finest banana ice cream combined with a generous helping of toffee chunks rippled with a thick toffee sauce.

Choc 'a' mint duo

Rich, creamy and totally indulgent chocolate ice-cream twinned with our refreshing mint ice cream

Choc 'a' nana duo

Rich, creamy and totally indulgent chocolate ice-cream twinned with our finest banana ice cream


Take yourself to a tropical paradise with this cool, delicate and truly delicious coconut ice cream made with real coconut pieces.

Chocolate ripple

A delightful vanilla ice cream with a distinctive chocolate sauce with melt in the mouth chocolate chunks

Chocolate with Hazelnut

A distinctive chocolate and hazelnut ice cream filled with a real hazelnuts and chocolate coated chunks, rippled with a luscious chocolate & hazelnut spread.


Take yourself to a tropical paradise with this cool, delicate and truly delicious coconut Ice cream made with real coconut pieces & rippled with real milk chocolate.

Exotic Pineapple

A sharp blend of exotic pineapple ice cream with a twist of fresh pineapple sauce to give you that delightful tropical feeling!

White Chocolate Supreme

Luscious white chocolate ice cream and luxury white chocolate chunks make an irresistible combination. We think the Milkybar Kid would be impressed!

Tutti Frutti

An Italian fruity ice cream to excite anybody's tastes buds. With a blend of juicy fruits and smooth ice cream that will please anyone.

Lemon Cheesecake

A traditional creamy cheesecake ice cream swirled with a zesty lemon sauce and blended with biscuit chunks.


Exclusive for 2018 - available in 5L Napoli trays
Red Buzz
Our take on the famous energy drink. A unique energy flavour Ice cream with a thick energy flavour sauce......You'll feel it in minutes!
Mochachino Luxury mocha coffee Ice cream mixed with delicious chocolate coffee beans & a chocolate sauce.....the ultimate pick me up!
Hazelnut Creme EXCLUSIVE! A soft, rich Hazelnut & chocolate gelato, laced (ribboned) with a luxurious hazelnut cream sauce / ripple.
Salted Milk Caramel EXCLUSIVE!   Intense caramel Ice cream perfectly balanced with a hint of sea salt.
Fruit Salad A take on the popular 1 penny sweet. A twinned fruit flavour Ice cream that is sure to take you back to school.
A distinctive chocolate & Hazelnut gelato, filled with chunks of chocolate coated hazelnuts rippled with a rich hazelnut spread.
Panna Cotta
Rich Italian panna cotta Ice Cream laced with our special raspberry compote.
Kulfi Ice Cream
Kulfi Original Malai 5 Litre Napoli
Kulfi Mango 5 Litre Napoli
Kulfi Pistachio 5 Litre Napoli
Kulfi Coconut 5 Litre Napoli
Kulfi Rose 5 Litre Napoli
Standard Ice Cream
Standard Vanilla 5 Litre Napoli
Standard Strawberry 5 Litre Napoli
Standard Chocolate 5 Litre Napoli
Liquid Ice Cream Mix 5 Litre Liquid Container