Windy Bank Farm at Hightown dates back as far as the 17th century and is situated in over 200 acres of glorious farm land bordering Calderdale and Kirklees.

The dairy farm is run by second generation farmer Graham France, who is passionate about the breeding and welfare of his growing herd of more than 250 pedigree Friesian and Jersey cows which give gallons of the finest milk and cream daily for a special delivery to Tubzee Ice Cream.

Happy cows are crucial for the success of the business as the fresh and finest milk and cream is what makes Tubzee’s ice cream what it is.

In addition to caring about the welfare of his animals, Graham is also concerned about the welfare of the environment and in 2012 a wind turbine had been erected at the farm so that the farm will be able to run solely on wind generated power.

At Tubzee we feel really privileged to be involved with something which gives others so much pleasure and enjoyment whilst doing our bit to help protect the environment at the same time.


Using local produce enables us to monitor quality closely, while also supporting British farmers and protecting the environment...